Delhi Property Tax Guide

Delhi Property Text Guide

Good things take time, True!

Not only this but they also come with additional prices. Yes, and real-estate is nowhere an exception. When you decide to own an apartment, building or plot in Delhi, you should be ready to pay the property tax against the property you own.
You need to pay property tax bills to the Municipal corporation under which your area comes in. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD) is basically divided into three sections: North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC).
Therefore, you will have to pay your property tax bills to the respective municipal corporation once you know the area under which your property comes in.

Who is eligible to Delhi Pay Property Tax?

Any Indian citizen of at least 18 years of age is eligible to pay the Delhi Property Tax.

How to Pay Delhi Pay Property Tax?

No more googling about it, your search about the process of paying property tax stops here.
We have made it very clear for you down below:

  • You can either pay property tax in person or online.
  • You should have the real property tax particulars
  • One can pay property tax in person and online
  • One should have real property tax particulars

Instructions While Paying Property Tax

Provisions related to property tax, I.e., relevant extras of DMC Act, 1957 and DMC property Taxes) bellows, 2004 and general information containing tax rates are available on the website.
Special attention is drawn toSection area of the Act providing for prosecution for the willful furnishing of wrong information.
For better working of this Property Tax System, the taxpayers are requested to to-operate with their self-discipline and good intentions. A taxpayer is expected to cube the property ID in Returns and In correspondence.

AII the taxpayers are advised to quote the property ID allotted by the System, while filing the PTR either online or manually. A1I the cases for which property tax return was filed manually for the financial year 2009-10 have been allotted ID which can be searched on the System. Such taxpayers are expected to quote that ID in their future manual of online returns.

The taxpayers who have been filing their returns online are expired to remember the last propel ID allotted to the property and use the same ID to file the Return for subsequent years. In case hey do not remember, they can search the last ID on the System.

In the absence of quoting of earlier ID the System may treat the new return as Return of a new property and allot a new property ID, multiple 1Ds for a property may cause the problem to the taxpayers and may invite punitive anions.
Your self-discipline and good intention while using this PTS or even filing the manual PTRS will help users SERVE YOU BETTER.

Required Information for Filing Property Tax –

  1. Zone
  2. Ward Number
  3. Colony Name
  4. Type of Property
  5. Type of Owner
  6. Property Owner particulars
  7. Property Identification Details
  8. Correspondence Address
  9. Property Details

Delhi Property Tax Filing Procedure


  • Take the property tax invoice to the municipal office of your neighborhood
  • Pay the amount in cash at the counter
  • You will get an acknowledgment for your fee, keep it handy


  • Register Your PTR Online at any authorized ITZ Cash Outlets.
  • Assess Your Property Tax online
  • Print Your Property Tax Statment / Challan
  • Pay Your Property Tax in Banks (or) through credit/debit cards (or) ITZ Cash Outlets
  • Check all the details before proceeding with Payment.

Important Information: Bank instruments must be in favor of “COMMISSIONER” of respective Municipal Corporation.

Mandatory Documents –
You will need the property tax invoice details to make the payment.

Expenses –
The property tax amount is computed based on the residential area. So, it varies from one property type to other.

Validity –
The property tax document is valid for one year only. Every year, you should renew it.

Processing Time –
The processing time is real-time.

Important Links :

  • NDMC Website
  • M.C.D Website
  • SDMC Website
  • Delhi Government Website

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